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We treat addiction

Our team of specialists provides the highest quality medical and therapeutic service for people who are addicted to alcoholism. Nowadays the problem of addiction affects an increasing number of people who seek immediate and effective support. We have created a medical service which is dedicated to the needs of all patients with alcohol problems and we want to help them to enter the path to abstinence.
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We do this perfectly

The team of our specialists consists highly qualified physicians with many years of professional experience and knowledge supported by numerous trainings and participation in medical conferences on the methods of treatment of various types of addiction. We also offer our patients a support of certified therapists of hypnotherapy. We know that we are using effective methods of treating addiction because many of our previous patients are happy now living in sobriety.
Comprehensive care, the highest quality of treatment and professional staff.

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Modern preventive methods

Treatment of alcohol addiction with the help of Naltrexone implant have good results. There are many people who live with such implant and they have no more problems with alcohol.

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Naltrexone is the latest generation anti-alcohol implant with a scientifically proven effect in the treatment of alcohol addiction. This medicine, like all medications, exhibits side effects but it is much better in effects then well know Disulfiram or Esperal.

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Esperal is an older generation drug used as an anti-alcohol subdermal implant in the form of pills. This product has been tested and successfully used for many years – currently under the name Disulfiram.